Authentic asturian blue cheese Los Caserinos

Blue cheese Los Caserinos

Blue cheese Los Caserinos

Our blue cheese has a traditional flavor, originated by the natural products with which it's made

Blue cheese is a fundamental element in Asturian and Spanish cuisine. It is well documented that in rural areas cheese making was once abundant and a common part of everyday life. It was a product of family farms and the result of excess milk production, intended for home-consumption or even used as a means of payment.

Yet, it’s commercialisation can be considered limited. In the eighteenth century Jovellanos had already described the Asturian cheeses as "delicious and accessible”.

By the beginning of the 20th century, dairy farms were becoming increasingly important to the Asturian economy, reaching more than 20% of the total milk production in Spain in the 1920s, and thus becoming the nation’s number one milk producing region.

Blue cheese can make a great contribution of vitamins to our diet, especially from the B group and specifically from B5, but it also contains vitamin A, D and E. What many people may not know is that it also helps to lower cholesterol and can be a great ally when dealing with migraines and stress. All this makes it a wonderful and delicious ally for our diet.

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In our company we work with natural and organic ingredients,
making our products in an artisan way so that their flavor is authentic and different.